23 Jul 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup IV: Lightning Talks!

On Tuesday it was our fourth .NET Oxford, and this time we had a slightly different format ... In order to give more people the opportunity to get up and talk, we decided to go with a lightning / grok talk event. There was actually quite a lot of interest, and the speaker slots filled up very quickly with a really good line-up ...

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15 Jul 2017

ELK Stack with .NET and Docker

I was recently investigating issues in some scheduling and dispatching code, which was actually quite difficult to visualize what was happening over time. So I decided to reach for the ELK Stack to help me see what was going on using time based charts. I've only used this briefly in the past, but given the very simple setup thanks to Docker, and also the power and flexibility of ELK, it made a huge difference in my investigations!

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11 Jul 2017

LINQPad Tips and Tricks - Part 2

This is my second LINQPad Tips and Tricks post. If you haven't read my first post, I'd definitely recommended reading that one first, and then coming back to this one ...

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09 Jul 2017

Git Commits: Past or Imperative?

Up until about six months ago, all my commits have used past tense. For example, I'd write "Added ...", or "Fixed ...", etc. However, at my current contract, they have a standard where the commits use imperative tense, eg. "Add ...", "Fix ...", etc.

24 Jun 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup III: Xamarin!

On Tuesday evening we had our third .NET Oxford, and even despite the heat it was yet another great event! Whilst not quite our usual turnout due to the very hot weather, it was still pretty good! Luckily for those who did attend, our sponsors Corriculo Recruitment were on hand doing an amazing job as usual with plenty of refreshments - both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety! Personally, I think I drank enough of their water for everyone! It was so hot!!

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18 Jun 2017

Developer Day 2017 (DDD12)

Only a month after the last DDD in Bristol, we've now just had DDD-12, which was hosted at Microsoft's Reading headquarters in the Thames Valley Park!

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17 May 2017

New Dropbox and Markdown Driven Blog!

This blog has actually gone through a few different transitions - starting off as a WordPress site, but quickly moving to a custom ASP.NET site back in 2012. Then I moved it over to the Ghost blogging platform, which I've been using up until just last week!

07 May 2017

Fun at DDDSW in Bristol!

Yesterday was my second time at a Developer Developer Developer conference. This time it was based in the city of Bristol, which is just an hour's train journey away!

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03 Apr 2017

Mindful Parallelism in Async/Await

At our most recent .NET Oxford event, we had Frans Lytzen, founder and CTO of New Orbit talking about Async/Await in .NET.

Rather than just your typical "How to use Async/Await" talk - Frans' talk instead focused more on what happens under the hood - eg. timings and threads, and the reasons you get the deadlock situation.

02 Apr 2017

.NET Oxford - Machine Learning with a Sprinkle of Async!

Once again, the .NET community in Oxford has amazed us with how awesome they are, with another almost full-house at our second meetup last week! Again bringing an approximate headcount of around 70 attendees, which is pretty incredible for such a new user group!

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