08 Oct 2022

Source-controlling Config files in Git (dotfiles?)

I've recently setup some of my various config files to be source-controlled in a Github repository. Here are some examples of what I mean by config files...

dotfiles, Git
27 May 2022

Who should mark PR comments as resolved?

Before reading this post - note that when I say "resolving", I'm only talking about clicking the "Resolve" button for that particular comment thread. I am not talking about actually fixing the issue that the comment is describing.

12 May 2022

Redefining the term '10x Developer'

TLDR; - The term "100x Development" is better because it focuses more on the nature of software development, not an individual. And the 10x is just too small of a multipler.

21 Jan 2022

Raising Awareness of Aphantasia

Last year, whilst browsing the web on my phone, I learnt something that blew my mind. I can't remember exactly what (or why) I googled about 'visualisations', but some of the results said things like "Did you know that some people can't see images in their mind's eye?!". I read that, and thought - "Wait? What! Some people can?!".

31 Dec 2021

Year in Review: 2021

It's New Year's Eve, and I've just remembered that I haven't done a 'year in review' blog post this year - so I'm quickly knocking this out now! In fact, I'm sorry to say, I haven't blogged much at all this year - with my primary focus being on the podcast. This will only be my second blog post of the year! Hopefully, the podcast content makes up for the lack of blog content! So let's start with that...

Career, YearInReview
10 Dec 2021

Snapshot Testing with Verify

This post is part of two awesome advent calendar initiatives - the .NET Advent Calendar 2021, and the C# Advent Calendar 2021. Check out both links for awesome community blog posts!

.NET, Testing
23 Dec 2020

Year in Review: 2020

This year has obviously been a lot different than everyone expected. I feel extremely fortunately and lucky to be in an industry that naturally makes it easy to work from home. In fact, remote work is something I've wanted to try full-time for quite some time, and this year has not only forced it to happen, but also made it more normal in our industry (hopefully now moving forwards). It's just a shame it took something so terrible as what's happening for this to become a thing.

Career, YearInReview
01 Nov 2020

Starting 'The Unhandled Exception' podcast

I have some exciting news! As you may already know if you follow me on Twitter, I've recently started my very own podcast!!

04 Oct 2020

Standing desk: Part 1 - Initial thoughts

As an industry, we spend far too much time sat down. A quick Google search will show plenty of research suggesting that this is very bad for you in many different ways. I've very recently invested in a standing desk, and thought I'd share what led up to me buying it, which one I chose, and also my initial experiences using it. This will be a 'part 1', with a follow up in about 6 months.

27 Sep 2020

Git: Dealing with unrelated changes whilst working on a feature branch

How many times have you been working in a Git feature branch, and come across something in code that you want to change, but isn't related to the feature your on? Perhaps a code tidyup, or fixing some unrelated warnings?

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