08 Oct 2022

Source-controlling Config files in Git (dotfiles?)

I've recently setup some of my various config files to be source-controlled in a Github repository. Here are some examples of what I mean by config files...

dotfiles, Git
27 Sep 2020

Git: Dealing with unrelated changes whilst working on a feature branch

How many times have you been working in a Git feature branch, and come across something in code that you want to change, but isn't related to the feature your on? Perhaps a code tidyup, or fixing some unrelated warnings?

05 Jul 2020

DevOps Tooling for Developers - we're so spoilt!

Last week I had a catchup meeting with a client about the progress of a platform I'm building for them, and showed them how the "devops" side of things works. Demoing it really struck me how insanely awesome all the tooling we have nowadays is, and also how much I take it for granted!

Azure, AzureDevOps, BestPractices, Git, Productivity
10 Nov 2018

Pull Requests in the Workplace

I've worked with quite a few companies now - both as a permanent employee and as a contractor/consultant. However, up until now, I haven't worked with a team who use Pull Requests for all code changes. Whilst I know the PR model well through GitHub and open source - I hadn't previously used it within an actual workplace.

BestPractices, Git
08 Oct 2017

Git - GUI vs CLI - The Devil's Advocate

I quite often hear experienced Git users say that you should always use the command line for Git, and you should try to avoid using Git GUIs. Whilst I understand the reasons given, I also think it's a huge generalization that unfairly sees Git GUI users as unlikely to really understand Git properly. I certainly know Git very well, and honestly think I'm far faster and more efficient in a Git GUI than I could possibly be on the command line - and I'm certainly not slow in the CLI.

CLI, Git
09 Jul 2017

Git Commits: Past or Imperative?

Up until about six months ago, all my commits have used past tense. For example, I'd write "Added ...", or "Fixed ...", etc. However, at my current contract, they have a standard where the commits use imperative tense, eg. "Add ...", "Fix ...", etc.

10 Nov 2015

The Interactive Rebase

My last post was focused around a problem in Git which occurs when the rebase command isn't used, and developers blindly use pull/push. The problem is that it creates pointless merge commits, and also stops the Git history from being linear, ie. the branches are diverging and remerging back in all the time. It makes the history extremely hard to read and understand.

03 Nov 2015

The erroneous Git Merge Commit ...

I'm a huge fan of Git, but have certainly found it has a bit of a learning curve when first starting off. Whilst I now feel extremely confident using it, there were quite a few 'aha' moments required to get here. Git gives you a huge amount of power and flexibly - but it is frustrating that unless all developers working on a codebase properly understand it - especially rebasing - then the codebase tends to have LOTS of erroneous merge commits, making the Git history a complete mess.

22 May 2015

Git Hooks and Banned Words

I quite often use keywords surrounded in parenthesis in my code as temporary todo markers for Resharper's Todo Explorer. One common keyword I use a lot is (nocommit) to indicate something is temporary and shouldn't be committed to source control. This is where Git hooks come in very handy to stop me accidentally committing these temporary changes.

30 Apr 2015

Multiple SSH Keys for Git

I use a couple of different Bitbucket accounts, and in the past have mostly just used HTTPS to connect, but did find that I was getting prompted for credentials more often than I would like - even after telling SourceTree (my GUI of choice) to save those credentials.

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