11 Jul 2017

LINQPad Tips and Tricks - Part 2

This is my second LINQPad Tips and Tricks post. If you haven't read my first post, I'd definitely recommended reading that one first, and then coming back to this one ...

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11 Nov 2016

LINQPad Tips and Tricks

(Also see LINQPad Tips and Tricks - Part 2)

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02 May 2015

Code Snippets... again!

So, I've written a few posts in the past about storing code snippets and my various attempts at finding the right tool for the job. I've tried plain text, TWiki, and Evernote in the past. However, I've now finally(?) settled on Workflowy for both this as well as many other things. I really think I've found the sweet spot here for code snippets.

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13 Mar 2014

Zen Coding!

Last night whilst was watching a PluralSight video by Shawn Wildermuth, one of the chapters mentioned a plugin called Zen Coding. I've heard about this in the past, but had forgotten about it until now - which was a mistake!

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