02 May 2015

Code Snippets... again!

So, I've written a few posts in the past about storing code snippets and my various attempts at finding the right tool for the job. I've tried plain text, TWiki, and Evernote in the past. However, I've now finally(?) settled on Workflowy for both this as well as many other things. I really think I've found the sweet spot here for code snippets.

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19 Jun 2014

Time Tracking with ManicTime

Time tracking is usually required for most projects. I've had to do it with both my freelance work, where I charged per hour; and also in my full-time position where we each submit a weekly timesheet.

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13 Jun 2013

Developer and Power User Software List for Windows

For quite a while I've been planning on posting a list of my favourite software, apps, plugins, etc. I'm quite a heavily user of software tools to aid productivity, and would like to share what's in my toolbox.

I was re-motivated to write this post when I saw Scott Hanselman's post containing his list. There's a lot of overlap between his list and mine, but hopefully not enough to make my list not useful. Any overlap is due to the greatness of the software - not because of any list copying! ;) Scott certainly has a lot more in his list - which makes me wonder how long his system installations take! Anyway, I decided to copy his layout of a big long list, rather than separating the categories into different posts. It makes it easier for me to maintain, and also provides a one-stop list in one web page.

I'll keep this post updated as I find new gems. Please feel free to add comments with your suggestions and thoughts! Note that I'm a Windows user, so this list is very Windows specific.

10 Jun 2013

Evernote Revisited

A couple of years ago, I wrote a slightly negative post about Evernote, complaining about a lack of support for the tab character and also about various buggy aspects with regards to its handling of formatting. I did say at the time that if it wasn't for these small issues, I thought that Evernote would be amazing. I also said that I would write another blog post raving about it if these niggling issues ever got resolved.

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