20 Nov 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup VIII: Lightning Does Strike Twice!

After the success of our last lightning talk event in July - we decided that it was about time for another one - proving that lightning most certainly does strike twice! And like the last one, it was fantastic seeing the variation and community-feel that the lightning talk format brings.

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28 Oct 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup VII: Serverless in Azure

It feels like lately you can't turn around without hearing the term 'serverless'. It seems to have become the latest architectural buzzword. So we were very pleased to have Christos Matskas from Microsoft speaking at .NET Oxford about what this term actually means, and also about the awesome Serverless choices we have in Microsoft's cloud platform - Azure!

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18 Sep 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup VI: Reactive Bots!

Reactive Bots? What's that all about? Well the title for this month's .NET Oxford actually refers to two different talks ... 'The fuss about Bots?' with Martin Kearn, and 'An Introduction to Reactive Extensions' with James World ...

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22 Aug 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup V: Rider - Taking ReSharper out of Process!

This week we had our 5th .NET Oxford, and this time we had Matt Ellis from Jetbrains talking about their new cross platform .NET IDE - Rider!

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23 Jul 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup IV: Lightning Talks!

On Tuesday it was our fourth .NET Oxford, and this time we had a slightly different format ... In order to give more people the opportunity to get up and talk, we decided to go with a lightning / grok talk event. There was actually quite a lot of interest, and the speaker slots filled up very quickly with a really good line-up ...

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24 Jun 2017

.NET Oxford Meetup III: Xamarin!

On Tuesday evening we had our third .NET Oxford, and even despite the heat it was yet another great event! Whilst not quite our usual turnout due to the very hot weather, it was still pretty good! Luckily for those who did attend, our sponsors Corriculo Recruitment were on hand doing an amazing job as usual with plenty of refreshments - both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety! Personally, I think I drank enough of their water for everyone! It was so hot!!

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02 Apr 2017

.NET Oxford - Machine Learning with a Sprinkle of Async!

Once again, the .NET community in Oxford has amazed us with how awesome they are, with another almost full-house at our second meetup last week! Again bringing an approximate headcount of around 70 attendees, which is pretty incredible for such a new user group!

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21 Jan 2017

Our First .NET Oxford Meetup!!

It was our very first .NET Oxford event on Tuesday night - and wow, what an incredible turnout! Before the event, we were amazed by how many people RSVP'd on Meetup.com - with the final figure being 93 people! We knew that not everyone who RSVP'd would come along, but we still hit a pretty impressive 65-70 people! Not bad for a first meetup!

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24 Oct 2016

Welcome to .NET Oxford!!

Well, what a great time to be a .NET developer! With all the changes that have been happening over the last year or so - with the new cross platform .NET Core, Azure, Microsoft's embracing of open source, and so much more!

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