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15 April 2019 - dotnetoxford , Meetups

For the past two years, I've written quite in-depth blog posts about each of our monthly .NET Oxford meetups. Whilst I enjoyed writing these at first - they do take up quite a lot of my time each month. Time that I'd now like to start using for other stuff - eg. writing blog post content of my own choosing rather than effectively someone else's topics. I also have a couple of startup ideas I'd like to have more time to focus on.

Because of this, I've decided to stop writing the monthly .NET Oxford write-ups and will instead just post 'meetup notes' on the Meetup.com event page, which will include relevant links from the talk, news items, photos, etc.

This does not mean that I'm any less committed to .NET Oxford though! The write-ups are the only thing that is changing, and I certainly envisage .NET Oxford continuing for many years to come! Sorry to those who have enjoyed the blog posts!