04 Oct 2020

Standing desk: Part 1 - Initial thoughts

As an industry, we spend far too much time sat down. A quick Google search will show plenty of research suggesting that this is very bad for you in many different ways. I've very recently invested in a standing desk, and thought I'd share what led up to me buying it, which one I chose, and also my initial experiences using it. This will be a 'part 1', with a follow up in about 6 months.

27 Apr 2018

Developer Productivity: My Talk at DDDSW

One of my goals this year was to do a talk at a developer conference. I did a few talks at .NET Oxford last year, and wanted to take my public speaking a little bit further, and the fantastic Developer Developer Developer conferences gave the perfect opportunity! For those that haven't heard of these conferences - there are a number of them throughout the year at different locations. They're always free to attend, and always on a Saturday. This means that most of the attendees are there because they want to be there, not just because they've being sent and paid for by their work. I've been to a few now, and there's always a really great community vibe.

CLI, Health, LINQPad, Productivity, PublicSpeaking, Resharper, Workflowy
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