17 May 2017

New Dropbox and Markdown Driven Blog!

This blog has actually gone through a few different transitions - starting off as a WordPress site, but quickly moving to a custom ASP.NET site back in 2012. Then I moved it over to the Ghost blogging platform, which I've been using up until just last week!

21 Dec 2013

Ghost Blogging Platform

I've just moved this blog from my own blogging solution to the new Ghost Platform. As mentioned in the above post, I love writing in Markdown, and had decided to write my own solution as there wasn't anything at the time I was happy with. That was until I found Ghost. Whilst happy with my own solution, there were a lot of things I wanted to improve, but just didn't have the time to do.

22 Sep 2012

Custom Dropbox-Driven Blog Engine

Update (21 Dec 2012)

Since writing this post, I've discovered a new blogging platform called Ghost. This is Markdown driven, and perfect for what I need. So I've decided to switch and use this instead. More details can be found in my more recent post about the Ghost platform.

26 Jun 2010

Entry Point

After spending a lot of time reading other people's blogs, I decided to start writing my own. It's unlikely to be a very frequent blog due to time restrictions, however I'll try and keep it frequent-ish! I enjoy writing and talking about coding and software, so thought it would be interesting to start my own blog.

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