15 Jul 2017

ELK Stack with .NET and Docker

I was recently investigating issues in some scheduling and dispatching code, which was actually quite difficult to visualize what was happening over time. So I decided to reach for the ELK Stack to help me see what was going on using time based charts. I've only used this briefly in the past, but given the very simple setup thanks to Docker, and also the power and flexibility of ELK, it made a huge difference in my investigations!

.NET, LINQPad, Docker
18 Oct 2016

Playing with a Dockerised ASP.NET Core

Whilst I've used Docker in the past, it has only really been for development and prototyping - mainly to host 3rd party software - eg. MongoDB, Neo4j, etc. I've tended to have my webapp itself outside of Docker - partly due to not using the Core version of ASP.NET, which isn't cross platform. So I decided it was about time I had a go at setting up ASP.NET Core in Docker! It turns out that this is actually extremely easy!

.NET, Docker
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