25 Aug 2012

Bridging Git and TFS with Git-Tfs

Before reading this, I'd recommend reading my previous post, which goes into the core differences between different Version Control System (VCS) features, with a very strong emphasis on Git.

25 Aug 2012

A love of Git

I started off intending this post to be about the opensource Git-Tfs project. I've used Git at home for both personal and freelance projects for quite a few years, but at work we unfortunately use TFS2008. To allow me to use some of the power of Git at work (at least locally on my computer), I've turned to Git-Tfs.

I quickly realised that in order to explain my reasons for wanting the extra functionality of Git over TFS, I would first have to explain how some core features differ in different Version Control Systems (VCSs). So I decided to split this into two posts - one about Git and VCSs in general, and the other about Git-Tfs. The second post about Git-Tfs can be found here.

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