Goodbye old domain name ...

14 June 2014

You may have noticed that the domain name to my blog has now changed. I've been umming and arring for a while about the name I liked it when I first registered it a few years ago, but more recently I've liked it less and less. Especially when verbally telling it to someone. The name was originally derived from Jeff Atwood's blog Coding Horror. However, whilst there's times when I would describe something I'm working on as a coder hell or coding horror - I also love programming and see it as a hobby and passion as well as a career, so the old name perhaps wasn't very suitable, and not all that professional.

I've owned the domain to my name for quite a few years now, but haven't been using it for anything. So I've decided to use it for my blog for a bit more of a personal feel.

All URLs are 301'd directly to the new domain, so any existing links (including the RSS feed link) should automatically redirect. I'm hoping that if anyone subscribes to this blog in their RSS reader, that the 301 will be handled, but if not, you may need to manually update.