17 January 2014

Sorry to go slightly off topic for this post, but I have a huge piece of news! Last week, my wife gave birth to our first child! A beautiful baby boy, whom we've named Jack!


Both Mother and child are well (and Father too of course!). Apart from a few expected crying stints, he's been as good as gold.

It's amazing how quickly a child can become the most important thing in your life. This soon became apparent when he first cried in the delivery room and his face went bright red. I didn't know that this was normal, and was immediately hit by extreme panic thinking that he couldn't breathe! The midwife just laughed and told me that it was normal. That was the first of what I'm sure will be many heart wrenching moments of worry. So very worth it though! We both love him to bits, and already can't imagine life without him.

To make this post at least slightly on topic - a friend joked on Facebook today asking me if Jack would go PHP or ASP.NET. I hope he was joking - I think the answer to that one is obvious! ;)