The end of a great team ...

14 December 2015 - Career

Seven weeks ago we were told that our company was going into administration due to financial difficulties. Whilst at the time, this didn't necessarily mean the company was closing down, and there was chance of finding a buyer, unfortunately on Friday we were informed that the decision had been made to liquidate the company. There were a few interested parties, but the investors had decided to cut their losses and close the company rather than risking putting more money in.

I've only been there for nine months, but in that small space of time, I was really made to feel like a core part of the team. A team who I'll really miss, but will hopefully remain in contact with in the future.

So whilst it was a short trip, I'd like to thank @CentrixSoftware for a great nine months! There's not a person there who I wouldn't recommend for a position elsewhere in their field. I wish them all the best of luck in their next adventures.

team photo

So what's next? ...

I've decided that my next step is to go the independent route. I registered a company quite a few years ago when I trialled freelancing full-time. Whilst it didn't work out for me at the time, it does now mean I have a shiny limited company ready to go for either freelance or contract work. I haven't contracted before, but hopefully my background should make this a viable option. Time will tell! ...


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